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Black Friday Trivia [6 Surprising Facts and Figures]

Although the Christmas holidays come annually, some people begin their shopping the day after Thanksgiving. And unless you have been living in a cave for the past month you will probably have heard the Black Friday sales mentioned a lot recently. I was reading and came across some interesting Black Friday facts and figures which I thought I’d share here. So here is some Black Friday Trivia you may not know…

1/ The Name – The name Black Friday comes from the 60’s when account books were written in red and black ink. The red ink referred to losses and black as profits.

2/ Black Friday Attracts More People Than Disneyland – Last year Walmart stated that 22 million people visited their stores on Thanksgiving Day. That is more than the 18 million who visited Disneyland, Florida in the whole year!

3/ Half of America Shops Over The Thanksgiving Weekend – Over 55 percent of Americans are expected to shop over the Thanksgiving weekend this year, with the number expected to climb to 135.8 million (up from 133.7 million last year).


black friday facts


4/ Fatalities (Shopping vs Sharks) – Since 2006 seven people have died and 98 have been injured on Black Friday. This compares to one fatal shark attack occurring every two years.

5/ The Biggest Sellers? – You may think TV’s and X-Box’s would be the big sellers on the day, but surprisingly it’s pyjamas! Walmart stocks over 10 million for the Black Friday event! And some locations still sell out!

6/ The Biggest Shopping Day of the Year? – Surprisingly, no! This title goes to the Saturday before Christmas, as this is when the biggest discounts of the year are available (as much as 17.5 percent).

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this article and have learnt some interesting Black Friday Trivia, keep checking for more.

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