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Best Personal Safety Devices For Women 2018 [Top 5 Reviewed]

There are many women’s personal safety products available on the market today. However it can be difficult to know which would really work in a confrontation.

For this reason here at we have reviewed what we consider to be the best personal safety devices for women

We have only chosen products which only meet the following criteria:

Practicality – An item which is both portable but can be deployed at any time.

Inconspicuous – Because nobody wants to appear like they are carrying a weapon around with them.

Non-Lethal – Although there are few people who will have any sympathy for an attacker, would you really feel confident using a product which may kill your assailant?

We feel knowing you are giving a non-lethal response will increase your chances of using it.

Tips For Avoiding a Confrontation

Obviously prevention is better than a cure so follow these tips to reduce the chances of entering a confrontation:

Don’t Make Yourself a Target – Avoid areas at night which may increase your chances of becoming a target (e.g. poorly lit car parks and sub ways) and have your wits about you at all times, which means put that phone away!

If You Can, Run! – Don’t ever assume because you possess a personal safety product that this means you will come out on top in a confrontation. Many factors affect the outcome of a confrontation. If you are able to get away then try this first, the items in this article are a last resort only.

Mix It Up – Vary your daily routes and times of travel.

Hand It Over – No one wants to lose their phone or purse, but are those things really worth more than your life? Just handover whatever the attacker wants as they can always be replaced.

If you do find yourself in a situation where you are unable respond with your personal safety product, there are plenty of resources online offering self-defense tips.

The 5 Best Personal Safety Devices For Women

In no particular order here is our list of the top five women’s personal safety devices…

Yellow Jacket Phone Case

Yellow Jacket Phone Case

+ Powerful
+ Versatile
– May Look/Feel Bulky To Some

The Yellow JacketĀ® Stun Gun Smart Cell Phone Case is a 3 in 1 protective case, stun gun and rechargeable battery.

Boasting to be one of the highest powered portable stun guns, at 7-million-volt/4.0mAh this should stop any attack immediately.

No longer will you have to carry your phone and carry a separate personal safety device.

This discrete, inconspicuous and versatile case is made from a durable steel which is also waterproof.

Yellow Jacket Phone Case

It can be used in either hand and has a safety feature to prevent accidental discharge.

It has a 20 hour standby time and the stun gun part is detachable. An LED power indicator shows how much juice you have left.

This device is TSA approved (just place it in your check luggage when flying) and has versions compatible with iPhone 6/6s/7/7s/8.



AMZ Original Emergency Personal Alarm

AMZ Original Emergency Alarm

+ Lightweight and Portable
+ Inconspicuous
– Potential To Trigger Accidentally

An emergency alarm is an ideal first line of defense as it alone can be enough to avert an attack before things get physical.

The AMZ Original Emergency Personal Alarm is inconspicuous enough to look like a keyring or car key fob at a glance.

Simply pull the cord on the side to activate the alarm and insert again to stop.

The alarm emits an extremely loud 125db noise. To put this in perspective prolonged exposure of anything over 85db can cause hearing damage

AMZ Personal Alarm

This alarm can be used by anyone and is lightweight and portable.

It includes an LED light function to light up dark areas and comes with batteries included.


Blingsting Pepper Spray

Blingsting Pepper Spray

+ Easy to deploy
+ Inconspicuous
– Case not particularly hard wearing

Stepping things up a notch now is the Blingsting Pepper Spray.

What looks like at a glance a bottle of perfume or body spray is in fact a key ring mountable pepper spray canister.

The Blingsting Pepper Spray offers the highest strength pepper spray formula allowed by law.

The spray will stop attackers and also mark them with a UV marking dye.

Keep your attacker at bay from a distance as this spray can be used as far as 10 feet away.

Blingsting Pepper Spray

This comes packaged in premium gift box packaging and comes with a red safety clip to avoid accidental use.

A great graduation or Christmas gift, or a gift for a runner.


Vipertek Micro Stun Gun

Vipertek Micro Stun Gun


+ Compact
+ Easy to activate
– May get trigged by accident if not kept in it’s carry case

The last line of defense in the non-lethal women’s defence products category is the Vipertek Micro Stun Gun with built in flash light.

This powerful stun gun packs the punch of a full size stun gun but in a tiny case measuring approx. 3.5″ by 1.5″ by 0.75″.

This item has the potential to diffuse a situation before it begins as activating it will cause the test prongs to illuminate with electricity and also emit a noise.

Enough to make any assailant think twice!

If the attacker does come in contact with the stun gun they will drop to their knees whether they want to or not as the shock works by disrupting messages between the brain and muscles.


Vipertek Micro Stun Gun

Simply plug into a power outlet to charge. Comes with a carry case and lifetime warranty.


Go Guarded

go guarded

+ Wearable and size adjustable
+ Easy to Deploy
– Sheath doesn’t prevent accidents

Finally we have the Go Guarded review. The Go Guarded is a personal safety device aimed at active women.

This is a is a heavy-duty plastic serrated-edge weapon that is worn on your finger.

It acts as a single finger knuckle duster which can be used immediately in an encounter as it is worn all the time and the sheath automatically retracts once the point has made contact with the target.

This may not be the most comfortable thing to wear for long periods however.

Also take care as the sheath retracts easily so there may be potential to catch yourself on the top when exercising.

You may also find it points away in an unnatural manner once you have made a fist.

Further details on this product can be found here.


Never assume you won’t get into an encounter where you have to defend yourself.

By purchasing one of these items and following our safety tips you will be well on the way to preparing for and preventing a confrontation.

All of these items offer an effective and portable means to defend yourself in a non-lethal manner.

Just check these items are legal in your state before purchasing. Please leave your comments below!